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Commercial vinyl flooring solutions in Melbourne have been around for quite some time now and offer an affordable possibility for floor covering in public spaces. There are considerable advantages to opting for vinyl flooring in commercial areas, such as the fact that it is highly durable and long-lasting. Read on to find out our top 6 benefits of commercial vinyl flooring solutions in Melbourne.



High-quality flooring can last for a considerable amount of time, up to 20 years, if kept in good condition. Choose a reputable company to source and install your vinyl flooring to ensure the most extended life for your commercial vinyl flooring. At Floorcon, our suppliers are the best in the business and have helped us to provide a professional finish to many flooring projects. This material is durable even under the strain of heavy foot traffic, which makes it ideal for commercial applications.


Easy installation

There are many types of vinyl flooring options, including luxury vinyl planks, sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles, and even vinyl wall coverings. These various kinds of vinyl all have specific ways in which they need to be installed, and some are simpler than others. In addition, with planks and tiles, the vinyl can easily be pressed into place, and if a part of the vinyl is damaged, a single tile or plank can simply be removed and replaced, so you don’t have to worry about changing out the entire floor. Always hire a professional installation team to correctly adhere your vinyl to the foundation for the best results.


Simple maintenance 

To keep your commercial flooring in optimum condition, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly. Fortunately, vinyl flooring is easy to clean with either common detergents or vinyl cleaner and a damp mop. If you let grit and dirt accumulate on the surface of the vinyl, it can become damaged. A simple clean prevents this, and this task can easily be delegated to the cleaner in your office or other commercial space. Dirt or stains will be removed quickly to restore a clean finish to your flooring.

Attractive appearance 

You can achieve a wide variety of looks with vinyl, as it now comes in many different patterns and colours. Even replicas for stone, tiles, and wood are viable options, giving you the appearance you want at a fraction of the cost of these other materials. Skip the hard, not to mention expensive installation of wood, stone, or tiles, and choose vinyl instead. It is the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics. 



Vinyl flooring is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market today. Prices may vary depending on the thickness, brand, and pattern of the vinyl chosen, but compared to other forms of flooring, such as wood, stone, or tiles, it is comparatively inexpensive. Couple this with its durability and easy maintenance, and you have an affordable type of flooring that lasts and lasts and is easy to keep clean.

Superior properties

Vinyl is a good insulator that can aid in home energy efficiency. It is also pleasant to walk on. The water resistance of vinyl flooring means that it is preferred over wood for areas that frequently become wet, like kitchens, lunchrooms, and even bathrooms. Printed vinyl can give you a particular aesthetic effect while allowing the practical use of certain rooms.

Choose from our extensive range of commercial vinyl flooring

At Floorcon, we have all the product knowledge, high-quality materials sourced from leading flooring manufacturers, and installation expertise to ensure a professional result for your commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne. 

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