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Do you want commercial flooring that’s professional, reflects light, and speaks of an immaculate brand image – all without much maintenance? 

Polished concrete floors could be what you’re looking for. They are certainly durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting, even under heavy foot traffic. Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs of polished concrete flooring and decide whether they are the right fit for your commercial space.

What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is created by “sanding down” the top layers of a concrete subfloor with grinding machines fitted with abrasives. Finer abrasives are then used to hone and polish the floor’s surface until it reaches the desired finish, anywhere from matte to a high gloss.  

What is the process of installing polished concrete floors?

If you don’t already have a concrete slab to work with, you’ll need to hire specialists to pour one. Then, the concrete will have to dry before polishing and honing can occur. Your service provider must be clear on the finish you want, how much aggregate should be visible and whether you want a matte, semi-gloss, gloss, or high gloss finish.

When they know these things, they can create the concrete surface you want for your commercial space. While most of the gloss finish comes from the grinding process, a sealant may be used to decrease slipperiness or add extra durability. 

What are the benefits of polished concrete floors?

Some of the most renowned benefits of polished concrete floors include durability, high traffic wear and tear resistance, low maintenance needs, and appealing aesthetics. It is also a cost-effective type of flooring that tends to last a long time and does not use volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

How much does polished concrete cost?

You might be wondering if polished concrete floors are expensive. While they are generally considered a cost-effective option, your out-of-pocket cost will depend on the type of flooring you have to begin with, whether your space is new and needs a new concrete slab poured, or whether you have an existing one you can use. 

One of the good things about polished concrete floors is that if you have an existing slab, you only need to pay professionals to polish it up to your requirements.

Is polished concrete cheaper than floorboards or tiles? 

If you’re tossing up between polished concrete, floorboards, or tiles, you just have to look at the per-metre cost of these materials, which can be quite high. When you have your concrete polished, you are usually just altering an existing surface rather than having to buy extra materials to be laid down. 

Also, floorboards and tiles usually attract installation fees in addition to the material cost. When you average out costs over time, according to the longevity of these flooring materials, polished concrete tends to last longer, so you’re getting more low-maintenance flooring for your money. 

What finishes can you get with polished concrete floors?

There are various finishes that you can obtain using polished concrete. There is the amount of gloss in the finish and also the amount of aggregate (visible rocks) in the concrete. Click to read more about polished concrete finishes

How do you maintain polished concrete?

Simple dry mopping will remove dust or dirt accumulated on the surface, while wet mopping with warm water offers a deeper clean once a week. You can add a pH-neutral cleaner to your mopping routine, but be sure not to use anything too harsh. Addressing spills quickly will avoid any staining on your polished concrete surface. 

What is a cheaper alternative to polished concrete?

Grind and seal concrete is a cheaper alternative because it involves less labour yet achieves a similar result. You’ll get shiny concrete floors by using a sealant instead of just grinding. Find out the differences between grind and seal and polished concrete

Choose Floorcon to install your polished concrete floors

At Floorcon, we have the experience and skill to install your polished concrete floor expertly. We will exceed your expectations, working to schedule to achieve the most luxurious-looking concrete floors which will reflect well on your commercial space. Talk to us about polished concrete floors today.

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