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When looking at commercial flooring and weighing the pros and cons for any particular material, it helps to have a criteria list to compare them. Here are the best picks for commercial flooring based on different benchmarks. After all, the best flooring material for your commercial space will depend on your specific needs. 

What to consider when choosing commercial flooring


We previously talked about the economics of various kinds of flooring material. It helps to take a long-term view of price. Don’t just think of the initial cost; also consider how long the flooring material will last before it needs repair or replacement. Some of the most economical types of flooring material include laminate and vinyl


Commercial flooring often sees much more foot traffic and spills than residential. So it makes sense to choose a low-maintenance flooring material. Our pick for flooring that is easy to clean and maintain includes carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), polished concrete, and grind and seal

Environmentally friendly

A polished concrete or grind and seal flooring finish does not create a lot of waste, so it could be argued they are environmentally friendly. However, perhaps the greenest kind of flooring is timber. It is, by its makeup, a part of nature and decomposes like all natural things. 


When establishing and maintaining an allergen-free commercial environment, any material that can harbour dust, dirt, or allergens is not an option. Flooring alternatives like wood and polished concrete or grind and seal surfaces are best as there is nowhere for the allergens to hide and gather. And if they do, they can easily be swept up. 


While any commercial flooring solution will be more durable than something designed for residential use, some materials are more long-lasting. At the top of the list for durability is polished concrete, or its more affordable cousin, grind and seal concrete. Wood is also very durable but is compromised by moisture. 

Chemical resistance

Any commercial flooring that needs to withstand chemical spills, such as a laboratory or hospital, must be sealed. For that reason, grind and seal floors may be appropriate, or vinyl sheets, which can also be sealed. 

Moisture resistance

Your best friend for moisture resistance is vinyl flooring. Whether you choose from luxury vinyl planks (LVP), sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), you can be sure that this flooring material will have you covered when it comes to moisture, splashes, and spills.  

Noise absorption

Carpet is always a reliable option for noise reduction, and you can choose from carpet tiles, carpet planks, dual bond carpet, direct stick carpet, or conventional carpet. Another alternative is vinyl, but for the best soundproofing, use foam-backed vinyl or an acoustic underlayment first before installing the vinyl. 

Fast installation

Carpet tiles are quicker to install than many other kinds of commercial flooring. Laminate and vinyl sheets are also other options that are easy to install. If you’re looking at polished concrete, you can obtain a similar result with the quicker process of grind and seal concrete.   


Many of the flooring material options presented here will have a pleasing appearance, especially when first installed. But the ones that will look better for longer will be the most durable options, such as timber, grind and seal, or polished concrete.

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