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When it comes to designing modern office buildings, commercial carpet in Melbourne ranks high on the list of flooring choices. Their great variety in design and superior acoustic properties make them an automatic draw for a comfortable and professional office space. But there are many more factors involved in choosing the right office carpets for your building, such as maintenance, ease of installation, and many more. You also need to ask if your carpet flooring is meeting the right environmental targets your business is set to achieve.

This article guides you through everything you need to consider when selecting commercial carpet in Melbourne as the flooring solution for your office.

Choosing the right carpet type

Before going into the individual properties of office carpets, let’s look at the types of carpets you can choose from, as each comes with their own benefits and drawbacks. Carpet tiles are emerging as a popular choice for office spaces, since they’re versatile in design, sustainable, and have the quickest installation process. Direct stick carpet is the most traditional option for a consistent, effortless look that is easy to maintain. But for heavier traffic areas, it is generally recommended to opt for dual bond carpet instead. It achieves all the same benefits as direct stick, with added durability.

What design is best for you?

Office carpets offer great flexibility and consistency in design, and there is a carpet option for every aesthetic choice. Carpet tiles come with the added bonus of layering tiles to make different patterns, adding an element of fun to an otherwise sterile working area. If you want a more subtle pattern and still want the ease of installation as carpet tiles, then carpet planks make an excellent alternative. These also come in patterns that mimic wood grain or vinyl planks.

It’s also important to choose a carpet design based on environmental factors like lighting and foot traffic. A darker shade or design is usually preferred in high traffic areas so it can effectively hide scuff marks. Different styles work better under fluorescent lighting and some are more suited to natural light, so be sure to place carpet samples in each area of the office before you finalise your selection.

Sustainability is key

A truly modern office space is environmentally conscious and looks for ways to minimise its carbon footprint while maintaining a beautiful design. If your office is part of a larger corporate setup, you will also need to adhere to the building’s green code. Always check that the carpet you select does not contain any harmful substances or non-recyclable materials such as PVC or bitumen. 

Newer carpet tiles are made of recyclable materials and produce less wastage in installation than wall-to-wall carpet, so they’re a great option to consider. At Floorcon, all our commercial carpet in Melbourne is sourced from sustainable and energy saving suppliers, keeping your green rating in check.

Acoustic benefits and much more

Perhaps the most valued property of office carpets is their noise-cancelling properties, as they are soft underfoot compared to hardwood flooring which is important in quiet spaces like boardrooms. For spaces like these that require the most silence, select carpets with a permeable backing, which helps it absorb more background noise. 

But this also has a whole range of other benefits, including thermal insulation and greater mobility, especially for people with orthopaedic issues. Dual bond carpet is one solution for commercial carpet in Melbourne that combines all of these aspects, and is ideal for use in hallways and other high traffic areas.

Ease of maintenance

As mentioned above, different design choices for office carpets can help mask everyday occurrences such as scuff marks and simple stains from footwear or coffee spills. Most wall-to-wall carpeting needs only a daily vacuum, and a good stain remover can quickly take care of any accidents. With regular maintenance, quality office carpets such as the range offered at Floorcon can last for years.

If you feel you may need to replace or reinstall the carpet from time to time, carpet tiles and planks are a practical choice as individual tiles can easily be replaced, as opposed to the whole carpet. It also allows electricians easy access to any wiring that is concealed under the carpet.

Find the right carpet solutions for your office with Floorcon

At Floorcon, our flooring specialists can help you choose the right commercial carpet in Melbourne for any office space, big or small. With a selection of trusted brands to choose from and an expert team to handle installations, your office will be in safe hands.

Contact us today to find out more about our flooring recommendations.

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