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Concrete flooring is well-known for being low maintenance and long-lasting. But, like any other flooring material, it does need a bit of cleaning and care to stay in top shape. 

This guide will help you keep the concrete looking smooth and shiny while lengthening the lifespan of your floors. We’ll cover exactly what you need to know about cleaning your floors based on what kind of concrete you have.

How to maintain concrete floors

Cleaning and maintaining concrete is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not essential. It’s best to clean your concrete floors regularly to keep them in the best condition possible. How you maintain them will depend on the type of concrete you have. 

Polished concrete

You’ll need to dry-mop the surface of your polished concrete floor to remove dust and debris. Then, damp mop with a pH-neutral cleaning solution. You can also use conditioners that are designed for polished concrete. These cleaners will disinfect your floors and give the surface a dirt-resistant film, which means your polished concrete will stay cleaner for longer. 

Stained concrete floors

Similarly to polished concrete flooring, stained concrete floors require the occasional damp mop with pH-neutral cleaner and water. Other times, you can simply sweep with a soft broom or dry mop to get rid of dirt. 

Sealed concrete floors

To clean and maintain sealed concrete floors, you’ll need to regularly sweep or dry mop, then damp mop using a pH-neutral cleaner that doesn’t require rinsing. Make sure you dilute the cleaner according to the instructions to avoid leaving a sheen on the floor.

Unfinished concrete floors

For unfinished concrete floors that can often become stained, try cleaning with warm water and a soft scrubbing brush. Start with mild soap, then move to strong soap or ammonia if the stain persists. 

Stains that refuse to budge could need chemicals or degreasers. But these can only be used on unfinished concrete, not stained or polished surfaces. Power washing is another option for stain removal on exterior or semi-exterior concrete areas. 

How to clean concrete floors

There’s a relatively simple method involved in cleaning concrete floors. You first need to eradicate dirt and dust with dry mopping, then progress to wet mopping with a pH-neutral cleaner, after which you can reseal or add wax to keep them in good condition for longer. 

Dry mopping

This cleaning technique is used first to dust out all the loose grit or debris from your floor. It’s similar to sweeping but is kinder to the floor’s surface. A dust mop has a fabric head or pad you use once and throw away. Alternatives to dry mopping include sweeping, blowing, or using a garden hose for exterior surfaces—dry mop on a completely dry surface only. 

Wet mopping

Wet mopping packs more punch than dry mopping and is useful for removing embedded debris or stains. A rag or sponge can be used with soapy water or floor cleaner. You should rinse the mop head several times to clean the entire surface of your concrete flooring. Most dried spills should be eliminated, provided you soaked up any excess liquid quickly at the time of the spill. 

Sealer and floor wax

While your grind and seal concrete floor will have a sealant on it, and your polished concrete will be honed to a fine shine, an extra layer of protection is available in resealing and adding floor wax. A sealant helps your surface repel dirt and makes cleaning easier next time. Waxing, in turn, makes your sealer last longer and is easy to reapply when necessary. 

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