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Fooring solutions for aged care facilities and nursing homes in Melbourne

We provide commercial flooring options that are safe and provide ease of access for staff and patrons of aged care. These surfaces are designed to be slip-resistant and easy to clean.

We follow Victorian Government recommendations for flooring to create dementia friendly and disabled friendly environments. These include:

  • observation of pace or balance changes on the surface
  • usage of long-lasting and non-reflective finishes
  • flooring that reduces noise levels and is easy to maintain regularly

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Aged Care Flooring

Our first solution would be our commercial vinyl flooring selection. Vinyl is recommended as the ideal flooring option for aged care facilities due to its high wearability and low maintenance. Its high water resistance also makes it the perfect option in kitchens and common areas, thus more efficient for staff to clean. It’s affordable and durable, making for easy facilitation of foot, cane and wheelchair traffic.

For commercial vinyl flooring, we offer straight laid as well as floating floor options, all economical, stain-resistant and humidity-proof, in a variety of colours and styles. Our team will guide you through the pipeline process from supply to installation.

We also provide commercial carpet flooring for lounge and living areas that is soft and durable to prevent injuries. Both short pile and mid pile carpet options help reduce heat and noise and is an ideal choice for bedrooms for senior citizens. Contact our experts for our full range of affordable, highly wearable commercial carpet flooring options in Melbourne.

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Our commercial floor services in Melbourne are designed to provide flooring solutions for the most in-demand industries today. Our flooring installations meet the current standards required for industries such as education, hospitality and hospitality.

Aged Care

We provide flooring options that are safe and provide ease of access for staff and patrons of aged care. These surfaces are designed to be slip-resistant and easy to clean.

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Corporate Sector

Our commercial flooring contractors will supply and install solutions that effortlessly match the aesthetic of your office fit-out. Whether you want a contemporary or classic look for your office, we have the flooring options that will suit them.

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Our floor surfaces for education are designed to be safe, stylish, and affordable options for any type of classroom or learning area. Options include carpet, epoxy and slip-resistant vinyl.

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Our commercial floor services can be tailored to provide safe and hygienic flooring options for the healthcare industry. Our flooring options are easy to clean and constructed for easy navigation.

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Flooring surfaces in hospitality venues face all sorts of challenges from high foot traffic to spills from kitchen operations. We offer plenty of flooring options that are highly durable, slip-resistant and visually appealing.

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Our installers can come up with many commercial flooring Melbourne options that are perfect for your retail space. We’ll find something that matches the unique look and usage of your building.

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Student Accommodation

Make your student tenants feel at home with our comfortable range of flooring options. Many of our carpet options are durable and easy to clean.

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