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4 weeks

A modern, dynamic office fitout

JBWere is a renowned financial institution specialising in wealth creation and management that operates from its headquarters at 405 Bourke Street, Melbourne. The company has established a significant presence in Australia and New Zealand dating back nearly 180 years, demonstrated by their current location in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD that is a blend of heritage and modernity alike.

With this vision in mind, we were approached to design a new office fitout which occupied the 31st floor of the building, the total area covering approximately 1850 square metres. Our challenge was to create a workspace that was multifunctional and reflected the company’s forward thinking outlook, while ensuring a smooth flow of foot traffic throughout the building. The result utilises a variety of different floor types that create a uniform canvas which is easy on the eyes.

Our team of highly trained professionals worked hard to ensure all our deadlines were met and we did not exceed our set project time of 4 weeks, while ensuring we stayed within all necessary Australian building compliance standards. In the end, we added another project to our list of successful commercial flooring solutions in the Melbourne CBD.


Project Specific Materials

One feature of our specialty commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne is our variety of options available for office spaces of all sizes and types. We keep in mind ease of movement and noise reduction as our first priorities, before selecting flooring that reflects the aesthetics and function of each room, from boardrooms to breakout rooms. Professionalism and comfort were the driving factors to visualising the final product.

Project Highlights

Office spaces have the potential to provide a great variety of flooring solutions and we design each one keeping the company’s vision and best interests in mind. Our flooring selections not only speaks to JBWere’s values with sleek and practical finishes, but also ensure its employees have a space that is comfortable to work in and fosters team cooperation.
  • All-new fitout

    We performed a complete overhaul of the space on the 31st floor, so the result is a uniform flooring that is unique to the building.
  • High end finishes

    We made sure to select vibrant, high-quality, scratch-proof finishes which stood out after completion and will retain their bold colours with time.
  • Clean flow between spaces

    We ensured there was an even flow of movement between the boardrooms, offices, and breakout areas, despite different finishes used in each.
  • Improved accessibility

    We installed tactile indicators at the foot of each staircase to improve accessibility and reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring at the stairs.


Project Feature

With this particular project, we used multiple different finishes to maximise the use of each space by both employees and clients. As such, one challenge we faced was to ensure each flooring type was set down at the correct heights to achieve a flush transition between floor to floor. Our highly experienced team of flooring specialists took the task to hand and accomplished it with minimum hassle and maximum results that are on display for all to see.


Brands Associated With This Project

We’re proud to have worked with some of our most trusted brands to deliver outstanding results on this project.


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Putting together a successful office fitout in the CBD is no mean feat, but it is just the start of what we do. Our commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne and Victoria cover a wide range of industries, with high-quality materials designed to make your building stand out. Contact us to find out what we can do for you today.

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