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6-8 weeks

Ensuring education in safety and comfort

The bayside suburb of Beaumaris, Victoria had their local high school redeveloped as Beaumaris Secondary College in 2018. With dedicated study spaces for STEM subjects, high performance activity areas, and world-class sports facilities, the school puts an emphasis on the holistic development of its students in a diverse environment. As such, these values needed to be reflected in its infrastructure.

Under the Victorian School Building Authority, Beaumaris Secondary College got a second stage of upgrades to accommodate larger numbers of students. Floorcon’s approach for this new building was to install new flooring that was not only functional, but dynamic and conducive to learning. Approximately 2300 square metres of indoor floor space was redeveloped, including laboratories, reading rooms, hallways, and staircase corridors.

Our highly trained staff worked round the clock to ensure this project was completed in approximately 6 weeks, with minimal disruption to the school’s day to day activities, complying to all necessary Australian green standards. The end result is reflective of an institution that is forward thinking while keeping its students’ welfare in mind.


Project Specific Materials

Our commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne service a wide variety of rooms and living spaces, such as the many found in educational institutions. Our selections had to keep in mind the heavy traffic of school students, and special considerations such as reducing noise levels and minimising risk of injury in areas such as hallways.

Project Highlights

When designing flooring solutions for educational institutions, we take care to ensure that the final product is an appealing and functional environment for students and staff alike. The flooring finish for Beaumaris Secondary College’s new building was designed based on their modern standard of education and technology-centric methods.
  • Upgraded build

    The new floors are designed for the school’s plan to increase its student intake, and are highly durable and wear and tear resistant.
  • Fresh finish

    With the choice of high quality, modern materials, the resulting finish is stylish and dynamic, well suited for collaborative learning.
  • Colourful selection

    With a vivid, vibrant selection of colours and patterns, we aimed to create a happy and enjoyable environment for school students.
  • Maintenance friendly

    The new floors are both easy to clean as well as safe for students to travel through, minimising noise levels in busier spaces such as stairways.


Project Feature

One of the challenges faced with this particular project was working while school was still in session, and ensuring heavy work did not disrupt regular classes. Our staff constantly adhered to strict safety protocols while on site to ensure children’s safety. Any floor laying work that generated more noise was completed outside of school hours. This way, we did not need to compromise on quality while meeting our deadline within time.


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We’re proud to have worked with some of our most trusted brands to deliver outstanding results on this project.


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