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2 weeks

Building a comfortable community space

Carrington Park Family Leisure Centre is an all-ages community centre in the peaceful eastern suburb of Knoxfield, 27 km east of the Melbourne CBD. Its facilities include a gymnasium, activity room, art room, and two meeting rooms. The centre is a convenient meeting place for families and various local social and sports clubs, hosting regular programs for children and seniors as well.

Our task was to refurbish approximately 600 square metres of flooring, including corridors, entryways and hallways, assembly hall and activity rooms, and bathrooms. A wide variety of flooring types were used in this installation, depending on traffic levels and acoustic requirements, but were all selected keeping in mind the comfort and ease of movement of the community. The result is a brighter finish and sophisticated appearance while still possessing a family-friendly feel that is easy to maintain.

This project took approximately 2 weeks to complete, and our highly trained team of professionals ensured they stayed within a tight timeline while adhering to strict Australian building standards. It added another feather in Floorcon’s cap for successful commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne and adjoining areas.


Project Specific Materials

We are always ready to provide commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne for spaces of all sizes and functionalities, including any and all special considerations. Since Carrington Park would be used by a significant number of senior citizens, comfort and ease of use was our number one priority. We therefore selected flooring types that would assist movement while matching the aesthetic of the building.

Project Highlights

When designing a flooring solution for a suburban community centre, our main focus was ensuring comfort and accessibility for the old and young alike. A functional floor does not have to compromise on aesthetic appeal, and our selections have been curated carefully to create an environment that is memorable and enriches Carrington Park’s sense of community.
  • Brighter finish

    With the choice of a wide variety of high quality flooring materials, the result is a clean, smooth finish that lends itself perfectly to every room.
  • Better flow

    Being a refurbishment of the existing surfaces, the flooring team flowed more easily through their work and the project could be completed on time.
  • Easier cleaning

    A community centre will require plenty of regular cleaning, hence we selected floors that are low maintenance, wear and tear resistant and easy to remove spills from.
  • Ease of movement

    All the flooring especially in the entryways and corridors is designed for easy movement both underfoot and accessibility aids such as wheelchairs and walking sticks.


Project Feature

This project came with a tight window, but our highly qualified team of flooring specialists worked hard to ensure that all necessary deadlines were met. With a robust selection of materials and a clear direction on what we wanted the final product to look like, the process went smoothly and it shows in the results: a warm and welcoming community space that all residents of Knoxfield can enjoy in safety and comfort, for years to come.


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We’re proud to have worked with some of our most trusted brands to deliver outstanding results on this project.


Trusted commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne

Our success story at Carrington Park is just one of many from happy customers who have benefitted from our commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne and Victoria. Our team comes with a wealth of experience, and we understand what flooring best suits your needs and elevates your building in both design and functionality.


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