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3 months

Upgraded floors for smoother travel

The Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine is known to be one of the busiest airports in Australia, with nearly 8 million passengers passing through its gates yearly pre-pandemic. As the frequency of COVID-19 cases decreases and regular flight services resume, numbers are slowly rising back to their previous rates. The return of passengers meant the airport could restart its redevelopment plan for its busiest domestic terminal, Terminal 3 (T3).

The redevelopment of T3 aimed to ‘completely elevate the traveller experience’ according to Melbourne Airport, by improving its connectivity with the adjoining Terminal 4, where the security scanning area would be relocated. The upgraded amenities included reconfiguration of traveller lounges, the addition of more restaurants and retail outlets, new parent rooms for travelling families, and upgrading of bathrooms to include all-gender toilets and spaces for assistance animals. Floorcon’s experience was consulted to lay the flooring for the new and improved facilities for stage one of the project.

Though it was a grand undertaking, our team of highly trained professionals approached the project with a clear understanding of how the space is utilised and a vision of the final result. About 1400 square metres of floor space was refurbished in stages over several months, and the end product is one that both welcomes travellers and achieves the project’s goals of easing their movement.


Project Specific Materials

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Project Highlights

The aim that Melbourne Airport envisioned with the redevelopment of T3 was a space that made the traveller experience convenient and comfortable. This work would prepare the Melbourne Airport for the anticipated influx of passengers as flight frequencies returned to normal. With this in mind, we succeeded in delivering on our most critical objectives for this important project.
  • Revamped carpet

    The previous carpet had been worn out and discoloured after many years of use. The new carpet tiles are brighter and designed to last longer.
  • Refreshing new spaces

    Vibrant and functional carpet tiles enhance the new spaces designed for a more comfortable traveller experience, including the lounges and parents’ rooms.
  • Faster movement

    Smooth vinyl finishes facilitate faster and easier movement through the busiest areas of the airport, so travellers can reach their gates with ease.
  • Ease of maintenance

    Our flooring selections were chosen to be low maintenance, stain resistant and easy to clean, especially in the corridors and baggage claim areas.


Project Feature

One of the major challenges involved with this particular project was working in a live airport with high passenger traffic, and the tight deadlines set for completion. We employed a large team of highly skilled flooring specialists to work on the redevelopment, mostly rotated over several night shifts so as not to interfere with the airport’s regular function. After execution in stages over several months, the end result was a beautiful modernised design that is a pleasure for travellers to experience and pass through.


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We’re proud to have worked with some of our most trusted brands to deliver outstanding results on this project.


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The redevelopment of Tullamarine Airport T3 is an impressive achievement that will be proudly witnessed by the millions of passengers passing through it each year. If you’ve travelled interstate recently through T3 and experienced our revamped flooring job, and you’re looking for similar high-quality commercial flooring solutions in Melbourne and Victoria, then look no further than the experts at Floorcon. Contact us today to know more.

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