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Commercial Carpet Rugs

Minimalistic, sustainable floor coverage for your home or office

In addition to our complete coverage carpet, we also offer commercial carpet rugs solutions for limited areas in your establishment. Our trusted brand partners provide rugs in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to complement your furniture, walls and corners, in a selection of materials that are sustainable with a high green rating.

When deciding between a full-coverage carpet and a carpet rug, look for areas that require the most aesthetic appeal as well as easy cleaning. Get a quote and talk to our flooring experts for the commercial carpet rugs that will best fit your environment, while being versatile and durable.

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Both the terms are used interchangeably, but a rug is generally a centrepiece that can be moved around the floor, while carpet is stuck down to the floor.


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The high standard of work we deliver is made possible by the high-quality products and materials from our trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

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If you’re looking to transform your workspace with a unique feel and personality while maintaining industry standards, we recommend our commercial carpet tiles. Our carpet tiles come with ease of installation directly on the subfloor, saving you time and money, with superior comfort, acoustics, and thermal properties.

We provide commercial carpet tiles solutions in Melbourne in a variety of colours, patterns and tile sizes, suitable for a range of spaces from offices to hospitality to educational institutions. Our green carpet options help you reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a stylish work setting. Get a quote today to see our best carpet tiles choices for you.


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