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Grind and seal concrete: where style meets function

Few flooring options strike a better balance between attractive and practical than a grind and seal concrete floor. Whether you’re starting afresh and want an elegant base to build your dream office or if you want to revive a tired-looking cafe floor, choosing concrete offers a host of immediate and long-lasting benefits.

From design versatility to low maintenance, grind and seal concrete floors provide a safe, non-porous surface for your commercial property. They’ll suit any space or project you have in mind. As Melbourne’s trusted flooring experts, we can help you choose the floor that speaks to your creative vision. We also guide you each step of the way, giving you both peace of mind and a deeper appreciation of the final result.

Why choose grind and seal concrete flooring?

The strength and durability of concrete is well documented. Grind and seal concrete floors possess both these qualities, with the added benefit of being aesthetically stunning. From being able to choose between matte and gloss finishes to landing on the right shade of concrete that matches different floors, a grind and seal concrete floor excels.

This type of flooring is incredibly safe and hygienic too. The epoxy finish provides a non-slip, easy-to-clean surface, perfect for commercial kitchens and bathrooms. And given its watertight quality, there’s no chance of the concrete eroding or becoming stained. If you’re after reliable flooring that doesn’t lose its sparkle, grind and seal concrete flooring is the choice you’re after.


How we install concrete grind and seal floors

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The main difference is how each achieves a high-gloss finish. Polished concrete achieves its high-gloss finish purely through grinding alone, whereas grind and seal concrete achieves its high-gloss finish with an epoxy sealer.


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Our team of certified flooring experts are the best in the business, here to deliver high quality commercial grind and seal in Melbourne. No matter the size and location, our team is well equipped to handle every stage of your project, from floor preparation to safety checks. We do a thorough assessment of your building conditions to ensure the resulting floor can facilitate movement while maintaining its beautiful appearance.

Our team members all come with a minimum requirement of Certificate III in Flooring Technology, allowing them to take on a large variety of projects. All credentials will be provided to account for workplace safety, including the Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). We work in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) and the National Construction Code (NCC).


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