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At first glance, vinyl has it all – it’s low maintenance, cost-effective, and can mimic just about any other kind of flooring, even the more expensive types. But, with sheet vinyl, planks and tiles, which is the right option for your floors? 

Knowing which type of vinyl flooring to choose for your commercial property can be hard. That’s why we’re sharing the differences between specific vinyl products and where they really shine.

Which is better, vinyl plank or vinyl sheet?

Vinyl plank and vinyl sheet flooring have different qualities that you need to consider when finding the right fit to suit your commercial space. They differ in moisture resistance, price, durability, and ease of installation. 

You need to choose the vinyl flooring type based on which suits your commercial space best. Below we compare vinyl plank and vinyl sheet flooring and their relative merits. 


You will find that vinyl planks or tiles are more durable than vinyl sheets because of the way they are made. Sheet vinyl is made on a large calender press. Unlike planks and tiles, which are made on a hot press that uses extra pressure to create a harder and more durable surface. Therefore, vinyl planks and tiles are better suited for commercial spaces that experience heavy foot traffic.


Vinyl plank and tiles can have a similar appearance to vinyl sheets in that both can replicate the look of tiles, stone, or hardwood at a fraction of the cost of these flooring types. However, there is more to this issue; planks and tiles can be installed with grout in between for a more realistic look. In addition, planks and tiles offer more choices in appearance and installation patterns. 


When it comes to the costs of vinyl, planks and tiles will always be more expensive. They are a thicker kind of vinyl than a sheet and are, therefore, more durable, offering more longevity for your money. However, don’t forget that sheet vinyl requires professional installation, which can also add to your material cost. 


The installation processes for vinyl flooring vary according to the type – sheet or plank/tile. It is a lot more complicated to install vinyl sheet flooring than plank or tile due to the cumbersome nature of dealing with a whole sheet of vinyl and having to use exact measurements to cut it to the form of your floor. A plank or tile vinyl installation can be a simple DIY job, whereas vinyl sheet installs should be left to professionals.

Does sheet vinyl look good?

Sheet vinyl is an affordable flooring for spaces requiring moisture resistance, but you don’t have to worry about it looking cheap. There are limitations in appearance and designs due to the manufacturing process, but you can still get a satisfactory result within these.  

Sheet vinyl offers similar benefits to plank or tile vinyl flooring but at a lower price point. Any flooring will look its best with the right team of professional installers.  

Is sheet vinyl a popular flooring option?

Sheet vinyl is a mainstay of commercial flooring types, as it just keeps offering ongoing benefits, and it never goes out of style. Rather than going for what is in vogue, choosing flooring based on your needs in that commercial space is important. 

For example, sheet vinyl is a perfect solution for spaces that need to be waterproof because it does not have any joins; it’s just a continuous roll, so water cannot get under the sheet. This makes it ideal for medical practices and other commercial areas likely to experience spills. 

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