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There are many types of commercial carpet in Melbourne that may apply to various public venues, depending on the foot traffic they attract. Commercial carpet is tough, stain-resistant, and hard-wearing, lasting for many years under much duress. When it comes to the most common installation for commercial carpet in Melbourne, there are two main types, but the one your flooring experts choose will depend on the specific needs of your venue.

What is commercial carpet?

Commercial carpet is different from its residential cousin, with a low-pile profile, which means that it takes heavier foot traffic more easily without wearing out. It’s the best carpet for areas where many people use the space, day in and day out. It’s not only highly stain resistant, which makes for easier maintenance. If you choose carpet tiles, it’s even more convenient to refresh parts of your carpet, as an old stained tile can simply be removed and replaced with a brand-new tile.

What kinds of commercial carpet are there?

There are a few different types of commercial carpet available with installers today, including:

Carpet tiles

Commercial carpet tiles are a convenient flooring solution that offers a unique feel and personality while providing practicality. They are installed directly onto the subfloor and are known for facilitating a comfortable surface with excellent acoustics and thermal qualities. Nowadays, carpet tiles are available in various sizes, colours, and designs.

Carpet planks

Commercial carpet planks offer the benefits of wall-to-wall carpeting with a plank layout to provide attractive flooring. They are also a very cost-effective kind of flooring. Enjoy quick installation with subtle joints that don’t detract from the floor design. A low VOC rating helps keep your carpet planks environmentally friendly.

Dual bond carpet

Dual bond carpet is long-lasting flooring for venues that need extra staying power. If your establishment has heavy foot traffic, dual bond carpet is a durable option for full coverage and soft comfort underfoot. It offers the best acoustics and water resistance and is stain-proof, for extra cleanliness and simple maintenance, especially in hospitality and healthcare environments.

Direct stick carpet

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of aesthetics and comfort in your carpet, our commercial direct stick carpet is bound to please. Direct stick carpet is a prompt and reliable solution for flooring. We have a wide range of direct stick carpet designs to suit every establishment. Choose your preferred pattern, style, or colour.

How is commercial carpet installed?

There are two main ways of installing commercial carpet:

Glue down installation

Glue-down installation of commercial carpet in Melbourne prevents slips, trips, and movement in the carpet or lifting of corners. Glue-down installation uses a flooring adhesive to affix carpet onto the underlay or the subflooring. A pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures even coverage of your carpet tile.

Peel and stick installation

Peel and stick installation is exactly what it sounds like. You just peel off the backing from the carpet tile and then stick it down. Despite the simple adhesion method, a peel and stick installation will bond well to the underlay or subflooring, keeping your carpet firmly in place.

What is the most common installation for commercial carpet?

There is no one size fits all installation for commercial carpet in Melbourne. The method depends on the type of carpet being added in, the purpose of the carpet, how it will be used (high or lower foot traffic), and whether it will be installed by a professional or not. Glueing down carpet hides edges and prevents dangerous slips and trips for a professional-looking result durable enough for heavy traffic.

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