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Are you considering grinding and sealing concrete for your commercial space? Maybe you want to know more about how this concrete floor is installed. Or, perhaps you’ve heard of some of the benefits of grind and seal concrete floors, and you think it could suit your commercial space. 

Get all the details in this article, where we go through how grind and seal concrete floors work and how we achieve that ever-so-shiny finish. We also touch on the cost compared to other surfaces.

What is grind and seal concrete?

Grind and seal concrete is a sturdy, durable, and cost-effective type of flooring for your retail, hospitality, or office space. It is stylish, watertight, easy to maintain and slip-resistant. 

Many terms are thrown around relating to concrete floors – grind and seal, grind and shine, and even polished concrete. We’ve previously explained the difference between polished concrete and grind and seal

As for grind and shine, it’s the same thing as grind and seal, just given another name. So, what is grind and seal concrete? It’s a technique used to grind down layers of a concrete subfloor to eliminate imperfections, using progressively finer abrasives. 

This might sound a lot like the process involved in polished concrete, but here’s where it differs – a special sealant is used to create the shine in grind and seal floors. 

How to grind and seal concrete floors

It may seem that the how-to of grind and seal concrete floors is quite simple, and anyone with a bit of DIY acumen could do it. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

The process requires specific knowledge and equipment, so for the best results, you should only trust commercial flooring experts like Floorcon to install grind and seal concrete floors for you. Here’s what the grind and seal concrete process entails.


No surprise that with a name like grind and seal concrete, the first step is to grind. This action removes coatings, impurities, grease or dirt. It also creates a smooth floor surface. We patch and fill any holes or imperfections in the concrete at this point too. The grinding process also helps your stain and sealer stick to your concrete.

Equipment used

A floor grinding machine, or concrete grinder, is used to smooth concrete floors by getting rid of stains, scratches and other faults in the flooring. A diamond cup grinding wheel easily powers through concrete and is used in most grinding machines. 


You don’t have to stain your concrete, but it does further help to create a uniform appearance to your floor which suits the rest of your decor. 


A sealer is used to lengthen the life of your floor, making it more aesthetically pleasing and durable. A good sealer will even repel industrial chemical stains. Some sealers offer lifetime warranties. 

What is the cost to grind and seal concrete floor?

Grind and seal concrete is a cost-effective flooring material because you are not installing a whole new floor. You are simply altering the existing concrete slab. Unlike polished concrete, which is very labour-intensive. When it comes to grind and seal, less grinding is necessary, which means less cost. To get an accurate costing for your particular project, contact us at Floorcon for a measure and quote. 

Trust Floorcon to grind and seal your floor

At Floorcon, we have the specialist equipment necessary to grind and seal a floor professionally for that shiny, luxurious, watertight finish. Contact us today to find out how we can install a grind and seal floor in your commercial space. 

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